Multidimensional research about oleotourism attraction from the demand point of view


  • Ignacio Ruiz Guerra
  • Valentin Molina
  • José Manuel Quesada




Experimental tourism can be understood as a new trend in tourist demand. Tourists want to experiment with lifestyles in different places. The information society shows how and where the best products are cultivated and is linked to how the quality of life should be. Nowadays, we are intended to know more and better things, both tangible and intangible, and new technologies show them to us immediately. One intends to live these opportunities as soon as they can.


From the experimental point of view Olive Oil Tourism (Oleotourism) emerges from the olive oil consumer’s interest in learning about the production process, so they can discover a lifestyle associated to this product. This research begins with an exploration of tourists’ motivations. Then, focusing on these consumers, this work has different targets: first, to assess how consumers perceive intangible aspects of olive oil and, second, to forecast the potential demand for oleotourism.


The development of tourism is the result of tourist entrepreneurs that react to the pre-existing demand/opportunity by identifying it in the tourist market.

Research limitations/implications

The consumer’s experience is important, but touristic trends are changing. The importance of olive oil may grow in the future because the nutrition benefits are known by all countries. The natural experience around olive oil will drive it to other stakeholders.

Practical implications

It is very early to recognize if the olive oil tourism industry is economically interesting, and whether innovative offers can be created based in olive oil and the lifestyle in rural areas.

Social implications

The local development around olive oil tourism could be a potential complement with the principal activities, which are usually agricultural activities, farmer interests and local and historical heritage. This is a means to foresee the plausible impacts of the development of oleotourism on tourist destinations, for which oleotourism might become a competitive advantage based on an agri-food product with many intangible profits: olive oil.


This is the first opportunity to learn about the personal interest of the consumer regarding olive oil. They give us the opportunity to know if the institutional offer about new destinations based on olive oil tourism will have a chance or will it be an economic complement with the principal activities.




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Multidimensional research about oleotourism attraction from the demand point of view. (2021). Journal of Tourism Analysis Revista De Análisis Turístico (JTA), 25(2).